Manufacturers of the highest quality 4-wheel wooden dolly in America for over 42 years.

Industrial quality dollies used by the moving and furniture delivery industries.

All wooden dollies have a minimum capacity of 1,000 lbs., but may be somewhat greater due to configuration and caster capacity. Side rails have bullnosed edges for comfort in handling. Special size wooden dollies are available on request. assembles all of our dollies with pride in the USA.

Mover Dollies

Chicago Dolly

The same basic construction as our standard rubber capped dolly.

Rubber Capped Dollies

Also known as Piano Move Dollies or Rubbed Tipped Dollies.

Standard Carpeted Dolly

The favorite wooden dolly of the Material Handling Industry

Jumbo Dolly

This wooden dolly has 30″ x 18″ w/ 12″ wide carpeted dolly.

Custom Dolly

Our custom dollies are made to order. Call with specs and quantities for pricing.

Long Rail Dolly
Long-Rail-Dolly-small-300x225 (1)

Also known as Boston Dolly.

"H" Frame Dolly

The additional cross members gives maximum strength and stability.

Platform Dolly

30″ x 18″ Platform size, comes with standard 4″ casters.